5Tips For Choosing a Digital Marketing Plan For Your Cannabis Business
Do you have a cannabis business? Are you looking to implement a cannabis marketing plan? Do you need to optimize your cannabis web site?

You’ve come to the right place. This article will help you with some proven strategies and ideas you can use. The best part?

They actually work!

The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs. The research firm ArcView Market Research estimates that legal cannabis sales in the U.S. were $6.9 billion in 2016 alone! But they are expected to grow to over $21.6 billion by 2021.

In order to take advantage of that growth, you need to implement a cannabis digital marketing plan. Let’s take a look at some of the tools you can deploy.

1. Social Media

A successful cannabis marketing plan is nothing without social media. You see, this is where you can engage with cannabis consumers directly. Social media allows you to become relevant to your audience’s lives.

You can use FacebookInstagramPinterestRedditLinkedIn and more to reach out. From something as simple as liking a comment to engaging in a direct conversation, social media allows you to engage and curate a relationship. And let’s not forget the treasure trove of information you gain access to. You can analyze data to reach new customers, build relationships, and gain attention, traffic, and sales.

Make sure that your cannabis website includes social media buttons. Make it easy for your potential customers and established fans to connect with you. Don’t miss out potential interactions to grow and engage with your audience.

2. Content Marketing

Your cannabis business needs quality content. Whether it’s on your dedicated website or via your social media channels, you simply can’t engage with customers without it. When you provide content in the form of blogs or articles, you give your business a voice. However, don’t just settle for SEO friendly filler. Everything you put out must be interesting and relevant to your cannabis customers. It should also be exclusive to you.

3. Search Engine Optimization

As we stated above, the cannabis industry represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, you’re not the only one trying to get a piece of the pie. How do you stand out from the competition? The answer lies in three letters: SEO

Did you know that  80% of consumers do some type of online research before choosing a business? Search Engine Optimization ensures that your cannabis website is ranked higher than your competition. Therefore, it is vital that you invest in your cannabis business’ online visibility.

When your site is optimized for SEO, the search engines like Google or Yahoo will find you that much easier. By adopting a cannabis focused SEO strategy, your site will not only rank higher, it will also help the right people find your business at exactly the right time.

4. Influencer Marketing

One of the most effective cannabis marketing tools out there are influence marketers. They can maximize your marketing impact and boost audience engagement.

You see, influencers have a unique capability. They create content that people enjoy and develop an audience that values their opinion. Influence marketing combines the viral aspects of marketing with the targeted efforts online advertising.

5. Educate Your Audience

A cannabis brand or service that only worries about the bottom line will not grow. While this may feel counterintuitive, it’s actually not. When you focus exclusively on sales, you cannibalize your long term growth.

Instead, focus on reaching out and educating your customers. This will create something we like to call a trickle down effect. You see, when you provide your target audience with rich and relevant information in the form of blogs or articles, you actually create advocates for your cannabis business. In turn, they will become ambassadors for other potential clients. As an added bonus, when you educate your audience, you become the expert in the room. This helps to keep you relevant in the industry and in your customer’s lives.


We realize that the cannabis industry can be an overwhelming place. However, we firmly believe that the path to success lies in implementing a proper digital marketing plan. These tips and tools represent just some of the ones that we use.

We hope that you find them useful and wish you the utmost success. Did you find any of these strategies useful? Is there one that you would like us to cover more in depth?

Let us know in the comments!