Every year people around the world spend hundreds of dollars wining and dining their significant others.  While most people will choose to gift their loved one with some flowers and maybe a bauble or two, why not treat your loved one to a more non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Do you and your S.O. love to partake in a little cannabis from time to time? Do either of you consider yourself a connoisseur of the ganja? If you answered yes to either of these, you are in luck.  We have compiled a list of incredible cannabis-themed gifts that are guaranteed to wow.


Edible Gifts

Coda Chocolates

Made from the highest quality ingredients these chocolate bars are the perfect gift for a new relationship. Each chocolate bar brings its own flavor and character- reflecting individual regions’ climate, environment, and traditions.

Sweet Grass CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

This all-time bestseller is crisp at the edges and soft in the middle for a melt in your mouth experience, you won’t soon forget.

Love’ Oven Baked Goods

Whether you are in the mood for a brownie or some cookies, Love’s Oven has something that will satiate your sweet tooth. Made from whole ingredients like crystallized ginger and honey roasted peanut butts, every baked good Love’s Oven creates is tasty and incredibly potent.

Practical Meets Luxury

From ashtrays to vape pens, there are so many unique accessories that cannabis consumers can purchase to compliment their needs. But If you are looking to add a bit of luxury to your life take a look at these extravagant gift ideas.

24K Gold Fetish Ashtray

The ultra-light 5″ piece is the perfect accessory for your table, but it does come with a hefty price tag of $2,000. Designed by Joe Doucet, this 24K gold plated Fetish Ashtray is considered a status symbol first and an ashtray second.  

Arizer’s Extreme Q Vaporizer

Priced at $199, Arizer’s Extreme Q herbal vaporizer is the ultimate desktop accessory. The temperature control and three-speed fans are included in a whip system delivering the finest flavor.

24K Gold Rolling Papers

For those looking to really live the luxe life, these 24k Gold Rolling Papers are definitely conversation started. Made from edible gold and a hemp blend base, these rolling papers ( $55) will make you feel like a star.  

Add A Little Bling

Jewelry is a common Valentine’s Gift for many couples, but instead of spending money on a pair of boring earrings or a necklace, why not purchase one of these unique pieces.

Asche: Grinder Necklace

Priced at $220, Asche’s 18k Locket Mill necklace conceals a fully functional grinder.

Sativa Leaf Diamond Pave Necklace

Created by Genifer Murray this authentic, modern, marijuana inspired necklace includes 18kt white gold cannabis leaf paved with 2.50ct brilliant diamonds. However, this necklace is not designed for the budget conscious consumer as it is valued at $4000.  

Valentine’s Day is made for lovers and what better way to show your loved one just how well you know them by purchasing them one of the unique cannabis-themed gifts.