Now that marijuana is legal in many places, there is a wide world of fun new products to try. Cannabis enjoyment is no longer limited to smokers, as shown by the edible market at your local recreational dispensary. You may be imagining pot brownies or space cake, some classic pop culture stoner icons, but the menu of cannabis edibles goes far beyond home-baked items that really can’t be classified as any more than edible. From chocolate truffles to orange soda, there is now likely something for every taste when it comes to edibles from a dispensary. So, where to start?

Start Small
First, it is important to be aware of your own tolerance, and pay close attention to dosing. Dispensaries and edible producers label the amount of THC or CBD in each serving and define clearly what constitutes a serving. If this is your first experience ingesting cannabis, via edibles or otherwise, START SMALL! Particularly if your chosen edible has a THC content, it is far better to start with an almost negligible amount of THC and risk feeling little to no effects than overdoing it and having a bad experience. Note that if you are experienced with smoking or vaping, you still need to exercise caution. THC ingested via food and drink may take a longer time to affect you than what you are used to, so do not be too quick to take a larger dose. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to feel the full effects of cannabis, with some people reporting up to a two-hour delay, so if you take more within the first hour, you are likely going to wind up overdoing it.

Know Your Snacking Habits!
The great news is that you don’t have to lower your standards for taste and quality to enjoy modern edibles, they range from nostalgic comfort treats to truly gourmet confections. If you are into chocolates, you are all set! Gummy bears? There are plenty of options. Sodas? Now, there are a range of flavors just for you. Be mindful, of course, of how easily you can divide your treat into the appropriate dose for you. These treats ARE treats, but you can’t binge on them the way you could an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids. If you know you will want more than one gummy, you may need to look for a different edible entirely or make sure you have some alternative non-infused candies to satisfy your cravings without increasing your dose.

Be Aware
If you know there may be children or anyone, really, passing through, be mindful that though clear warnings should be present on all cannabis-infused edibles, an unsuspecting snacker may mistakenly eat a treat. Be sure to clearly label all your edibles, or keep them entirely out of common spaces. Remember, too, that even though you feel like you are having dessert, you are ingesting a controlled substance and should plan your transportation and schedule accordingly.

Modern edibles are more delicious than ever, and they are improving all the time. Speak with our staff for recommendations for what suits your needs and habits best. Be safe, and enjoy!

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