Journaling has become a highly recommended technique for a variety of situations that require
a certain degree of tracking and awareness. Just as jotting down your thoughts and feelings, a
dietary plan, or symptoms in a journal can provide insight into your patterns and preferences,
keeping a weed journal boasts the same benefits! Especially useful for those who are new to
the green scene, a weed journal can help you keep track of everything from favorite strains to
preferred dosage. As we head into a new year, Denver Dispensary recommends making notes
of our top-notch strains and edible products in your weed journal. Here are some tips to help
you get started with journaling:

1.) Note the Strain, Indica/Sativa character and Potency: You may have picked up two
strains which are quite different from each other, and wish to make an entry for each
strain in order to compare their effects. Always start off your entries with a space for the
strain name and potency (if known). For example, Blueberry OG, Indica dominant,
16.5% THC. Taking notes on these aspects of your bud is especially useful if you are
using it for therapeutic purposes or specific symptom relief, as indica and sativa
dominant strains behave differently in the body and each specializes in the relief of
different symptoms.

2.) Quantity: You don’t have to be super scientific and break out the scale in order to make
a note of the quantity ingested…unless you want to! You could jot down more qualitative
notes of quantity (“one dime-sized nug,” “one bowl,” etc). You can assess your optimal
dosage, duration of dosage, and even fluctuations in your general tolerance over time
simply by tracking quantity.

3.) Effects and/or Symptom Management: Keeping track of how ingesting your Cannabis
products affect you, and making observations of any relief you achieve from symptoms
can be a valuable asset. Many Cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike have a
strain they know will settle their stomachs, or take away a headache almost instantly.
These strains may not affect everyone the same way, however, which is why it’s even
more important to find out what works best for you.

4.) Sensory Information: This one is for the Cannabis connoisseurs out there. Now that
we’ve covered qualities, quantities, dosage and effects, we have the option to jot down
homage to the bud itself. The density, trichome color, scent, flavor, and smoothness or
roughness upon smoking. With thousands of strains available, and with various grow
methods yielding a plethora of results from a single strain, taking down aesthetic and
sensory information can really help to showcase the smoking (or ingesting) experience.

Even if you don’t write long entries, or keep up with your weed journal consistently, it never
hurts to reflect on your product. As a conscious consumer and a connoisseur, you deserve to
get the most out of your Cannabis. For more information about how to enjoy high-quality
Cannabis and edibles, visit Denver Dispensary’s website, or check out our blog.