It’s a new year, and the resolution mentality is abundant. One of the most common resolutions going into the new year is to get fit, strong, lean and healthy (by eating well and exercising of course). Exercise and physical activity is an essential part of living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, but did you know that cannabis can help you get the most out of your workout routine? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, casual gym member or just now beginning your health and fitness journey, Denver Dispensary wants to show you that cannabis and fitness can go hand-in-hand! 


Cannabis Can Improve Circulation 

How exactly? Cannabinoids are the active components of cannabis, and they pose a few notable benefits for the body–especially during or after exercise. Cannabidiol (CBD) in particular has been shown to act as a vasodilator, opening blood vessels and improving the flow of oxygen into the body’s tissues. For runners and other cardio fans, this can improve endurance and reduce the time needed for post-workout recovery. For those focusing on building muscle, the improved circulation pushes oxygenated blood to the deliberately-damaged muscle fibers in order to rebuild them more quickly and efficiently (creatine supplements behave similarly, which is the cause for the hype among gym rats). Unlike creatine and other pre-workout supplements, however, cannabis and Cannabinoids don’t put unnecessary stress on the kidneys. 


Relief of Muscular Tension

Tense muscles make any type of exercise less enjoyable. Muscle tension causes rigidity which can impair movement and even make you more prone to injury during physical activity. Cannabis can help your body (and mind!) relax, allowing you to feel the flow of your workout routine. Less tension during exercise also means less soreness after your workout, and a decreased recovery time needed between workouts. 


Find Your Routine

Cannabis can certainly make the body more resilient during a fitness transformation, as well as improve cardiovascular health. However, be sure to consider your own experience when choosing how to use cannabis for your workouts. If you’re a runner or swimmer, then you may be more comfortable with vaping or ingesting edibles as opposed to smoking flower. If you find that cannabis affects your motor coordination, then certainly wait a couple of hours after using cannabis products before attempting your workout. (Or wait to pair it with your post-workout snack!) Make your routine work for you and be sure to consult your physician before initiating an exercise routine–with or without the addition of cannabis. 

For more information about our selection of cannabis products, as well as more articles about healthy living with cannabis, visit our website or check out our frequently-updated blog. From all of us here at Denver Dispensary: we wish you a healthy and prosperous new year!