Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be wondering how to spice things up this year. If you’re looking for some alternatives to the typical “dinner and a movie” date this Valentine’s Day, or if you just want to find something more unique than the usual chocolate and flowers for your sweetheart, then check out our suggestions to elevate your Valentine’s Day plans with cannabis. 

Hot Canna-Oil Massage Giving your partner a massage is undoubtedly romantic, especially when you set up the perfect ambiance to promote relaxation and sensitivity. Dim the lights, put on some soothing or sensual music, and grab some cannabinoid-infused oil. Massaging the warm cannabis oil into the skin is an effective way to achieve its relaxing and tension-relieving benefits. 

Cannabis-Infused Chocolates If your Valentine loves chocolate, and you really want to surprise them with something different this year, then grab an assortment of cannabis-infused chocolate. There are many varieties available, and different potencies to choose from. If the chocolates don’t come in a cute box of their own, grab your own heart-shaped box and arrange them as you wish! 

Steamy Vaping Yoga Session Share a light THC/CBD blended vape oil with your partner and follow it up with a hot yoga session to get the muscles loose, release tension, and strengthen the mind-body connection. If yoga is new to you and your partner, don’t fret. You can benefit by learning a potential, new hobby you can both enjoy in the future, and the spiritual effects–especially combined with clean-vaping Cannabis oil–may bring you closer to each other. 

Cannabis Bouquet If your Valentine is a fan of floral arrangements, and you want to really surprise him or her, then try creating your own bouquet with cannabis plant stalks interspersed with hand-picked flowers that you found yourself outdoors. Wind some jute, twine, or hemp cord around your bouquet to hold it together, and add a strand of lace or decorative bow and voila! Your sweetheart will be so pleased they’ll probably share their bouquet with you. 

Bedroom Fun Cannabis is known to relieve tension and heighten physical sensitivity to touch, making it the perfect accent to sultry bedroom play. Select a well-balanced hybrid strain to reap the physically comforting benefits of an Indica with the exciting and uplifting effects of a Sativa. You can ingest edibles, smoke from a classy glass piece, or tie the cannabis-infused massage oil into this activity too! Whether it’s fuzzy handcuffs and leather corsets, or silk sheets and lacey lingerie, cannabis can help take intimacy to the next level. 

From the cannabis and edible aficionados here at Denver Dispensary, we wish you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day! For more information about cannabis strains, or to browse our selection of edibles and extracts, visit our site. To read more regularly updated posts about cannabis, check out our blog.