Every cannabis connoisseur looks forward to 4/20 to celebrate their affinity for the potent plant, and to gather with fellow enthusiasts to partake in its various, cherished forms! However, due to the recent lockdown order, many people will be celebrating from home – either alone or the people they’re sheltering in place with. If you’re staying home, being safe, but still looking to get wild this 4/20, then you’ve come to the right place for ideas. With the big day right around the corner, Denver Dispensary has put together some epic ideas to help make your party-of-one a hit!

Edibles Galore 

Preparing a variety of edibles gives you the opportunity to sample delicate (yet powerful) confections infused with the herbal essence of your choice. Everyone gets hungry at some point after a day full of smoking, and for those with a decent tolerance, grabbing a potent snack that kills cravings and keeps the party spirit in full force is the way to go. Cannabis-infused beverages, which can be purchased in varying degrees of potency, may also be added for a novel way to enjoy the reason of the season. If you’re a fan of homemade treats, then consider baking a cannabis cake or some individually portioned party favors (brownies, cake pops, and truffles) infused with cannabutter or hash oil. (Pro tip: be sure to designate and separate the edibles from other snacks in your home–just to spare yourself, or others in your home.)

Break Out the Bong 

Many people prefer smoking their cannabis from a water pipe, bong, or bubbler on a regular basis. Others prefer to save the good glass for special occasions. On a day like 4/20, with no reason to leave the house, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out the fine china. You may take note of the differences in flavor and smoothness of your herb when smoked from a water pipe as opposed to a standard bowl or joint. For an optimal experience, we recommend a freshly cleaned water pipe, fresh water (ice optional), and a hemp wick for clean-burning that doesn’t interrupt the flavor of the smoke. 

The 420 Playlist

A great party requires great music! Even if it’s just your household celebrating this time around, great music sets the tone for the evening. Build a playlist that spans all genres but is bound by the common themes of cannabis appreciation and general counterculture. From reggae to rock and ska, just make sure the beat is pumping and there’s no shortage of good vibes. Go for more chilled mellow hits to play toward the end of the night, mixing in traditional meditation chants, Tibetan singing bowls, or trance beats to relax the senses and prepare you to wind down.


Having to stay indoors and practice social distancing can be difficult, especially when you’re itching to party. Self-care is an excellent and luxurious distraction from “missing out” on a hang out session with your friends and is also a great way to rebalance the mind and body. Make the most of your alone time this 4/20 with some cannabis-infused self-care products, like CBD infused lotions, bath bombs, and skincare. Beauty products that contain cannabinoids have been shown to work wonders on the skin due to their potent antioxidant properties. 

Denver Dispensary has everything you need to make your 4/20 a hit! Check out our varieties of premium quality bud, or choose from our wide selection of edibles available. For details on promotions or product information, visit our website. For more Cannabis related articles, check out our blog.