The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge disruption for the majority of the world on economic, political, and social issues. Coming along for the ride during this unfortunate time is a wave of physiological stress that is producing real-world consequences. Now, perhaps more than ever is the time to talk honestly about the benefits of cannabis and CBD for symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Much of the social stress that normally exists in our world has been amplified by COVID-19. Millions are out of work and stuck inside their homes, lacking personal connection and healthy outlets for the stress that is building up. Household disputes, substance abuse, and general anxiety/depression have all grown during the pandemic. This includes ‘diseases of despair’, a category of addiction disorders that increase in groups who lack a positive outlook for their personal future and financial stability. The pitfalls of these diseases have ravaged much of the country, with those in trouble being forced to turn to alcohol and prescription drugs in lieu of any better options. During COVID-19, local health departments around the country have seen spikes in overdose, relapse, and return to the use of narcotics.

A simple compare-and-contrast between the effects of prescription drugs, alcohol, and legal cannabis brings us to a shocking conclusion. The toxicity, potential for abuse, and general physical deterioration caused by prescription drugs and alcohol is a huge concern. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, around 88,000 people die in the U.S. from alcohol-related causes every year, with many more suffering from related mental health issues, anxiety, and depression due to use. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 67,000 people died from an overdose in 2018. These are avoidable deaths from drugs that are legally available, and contribute billions of dollars to the national economy and large corporations.

Cannabis, much-maligned and prohibited for most of American history, does not cause overdose deaths. The health impacts of those who choose to relax with cannabis are astonishingly less than those caused by prescription drugs and alcohol. Not only are the risks less of a concern on a massive scale, but many of the compounds found in cannabis have also been found to safely reduce anxiety and aid with other health issues.

At Denver Dispensary, we believe that cannabis is a natural, safe management option for symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. We do not claim to replace mental health professionals, but we do believe cannabis is a better alternative than pills and alcohol. Please stop by and let us know how we can help you.