How Terpenes Affect the Body

Terpenes are best known for the piney, citrusy or floral notes they give to different strains of cannabis. But what, exactly, do they do to your body? That depends on the specific terpenes present: each of the 100+ terpenes known to exist in different amounts and breeds of cannabis are associated with their own specific [...]

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Denver Dispensary 4/20 Celebration Sales

Denver Dispensary wants to wish all of our valued customers a happy 4/20 in a big way this year! Featuring an assortment of our most popular medical and recreational marijuana products, our 4/20 celebration sale offers something for everyone. From our high-quality cannabis-infused beverages and potent edibles to our most cherished and potent strains of [...]

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Culinary Cannabis

Vodka-infused cupcakes and rum brownies have become indulgent favorites for the epicurious boozers among us. But the fun doesn’t stop with alcohol. With the availability of legal marijuana products, it’s more clear than ever how many delicious cannabis treats are out there waiting to be discovered, so why not try a little DIY and make [...]

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Cannabis Lover In Your Life

Every year people around the world spend hundreds of dollars wining and dining their significant others.  While most people will choose to gift their loved one with some flowers and maybe a bauble or two, why not treat your loved one to a more non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift this year. Do you and your S.O. [...]

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Make 2019 Your Year With These Focus-Inducing Strains

It is official, we are well into the new year and for some of us of resolutions have already floundered. However, there are some of us that are still holding true to our resolutions. While many people use their New Year resolutions as a way to jump-start their wellness plans or break a bad habit, [...]

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Traveling with Medical Cannabis – What You Need to Know Traveling with Medical Cannabis

Traveling with Medical Cannabis - What You Need to Know Traveling with Medical Cannabis While the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use has come a long way, there are still plenty of states that still consider the drug to be illegal to possess. Twenty-nine states have legalized medical cannabis, and nine [...]

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420 is Here! Stop by today and say Hello!

Denver Dispensary would like welcome you to our blog for 420!  We are super excited to announce we will have some AMAZING deals and specials for our industries holiday. We are offering recreational specials including $40 shake ounces, $79 Bargain Shelf ounces, $99 Top shelf ounces, 8 joints for $20, 4 gram joints for [...]

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Valentine’s Day for Singles: What NOT to Do

Tackling Valentine’s Day as a single person is a tough prospect. Commercials remind you not to forget that special gift for that special someone. Every time you walk into the grocery store you’re inundated with Valentine’s sales. And your friends - well, the ones in relationships at least - may not know how to [...]

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