Concentrate Information

Much like edibles, marijuana-based concentrates provide a means of ingesting your medical marijuana without the necessity of smoking it. Concentrates are highly condensed marijuana medicine that can be baked into edibles (see “Edibles”), vaporized, or infused into liquids, such as tea, tinctures, juices, and alcoholic beverages (like wine, for instance—which is amazing!).

But what type of concentrate is best for your needs? Here’s a little breakdown:

  • Kief Resin – Can be vaporized or added to edibles. (You can also smoke it!)
  • Pressed Kief – Perfect for making wafers. Yummy!
  • Pressed Hash – Very versatile, due to its stickiness. Excellent for making cookies. (You can mold it into almost any shape. A favorite during the holiday season!)
  • Sand Hash – A fine, powdery hash blend, it can be sprinkled on about anything you can think of.
  • Hash Oil – Highly versatile, an essential in almost any cannabis-based drink.
  • Bubble Hash – Made using the same basic process as Sand Hash, but it is heat-pressed, so the end result looks like . . . bubbles!
  • Full Melt – This is about the purest, most highly concentrated medicine available. It is so concentrated, it has the appearance of wax. It does not burn; it melts. It’s essentially marijuana butter. (Great for cooking!)
  • Super Melt – Same as above, but even more concentrated. Begins to melt at just above room temperature.

Denver Dispensary’s concentrate selection is always rotating, but you can be sure that whatever is available is the highest-quality with a wide range of recreational and medical marijuana products in the Denver area. Take a look at our menu here or come see us today and let our highly trained and kind experts help you find what works best for you.