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Shatter in Colorado with HIGH THC percentages! Denver Dispensary

Medical Shatter by White Moose at Denver Dispensary

By Eric Roth - February 17, 2016

The HUGE craze of dabbing shatter is taking the nation by storm.  What is shatter?  It is a highly concentrated marijuana extract of HIGH THC percentages, 80% plus!   The average Colorado cannabis user has built a high tolerance when it comes to consuming marijuana.  Shatter is the answer to a marijuana users high tolerance.  Very high THC content makes dabbing shatter a viable solution to medicate effectivly.  

Denver Dispensary has a variety of shatter strains that are truly Top Shelf Shatter!  You will not find better quality shatter anywhere!  White Moose currently processes the medical shatter for Denver Dispensary.  White Moose takes great pride in their extracting processes to ensure the highest quality shatter available on the market.  Stop by Denver Dispensary today to pick up some of the best shatter available!  #dabs #whitemoose #denverdispensary #highlife