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Dispensary in Denver Colorado

Denver Dispensary changing the Marijuana game

By Eric Roth - March 2, 2016

Looking for a Colorado Dispensary to visit when you come to Denver?  Denver Dispensary at 4975 Vasquez Blvd Denver, CO 80216 is your 1 stop shop to fulfill all your dispensary needs.  This well established facility serves recreational and medical guests.  They have been around for 5 years serving the finest quality and prices any dispensary can offer.  

Denver Dispenasry has a wide range of edibles, flower, concentrates and clones if your local.  Extremely competitive pricing and rewards programs make Denver Dispensary your premier Dispensary choice .  Conveniently located just north of I-70 and Vasquez Blvd.  If your over 21 years of age Call or stop by today 303-308-1111. You can also visit the ONLINE MENU.

Denver Dispensary stocks cannabis products which have been thought to CURE CANCER according to many including the well known Rick Simpson, including CBD strains which can be researched HERE, THC strains, and strains that have all the other cannabinoids proven useful to cure and aid ailments.LEARN MORE