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NFL Admits Link to CTE, Raven Tackle Lights up Twitter For Research

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Pulling their head out of the collective sinkhole of denial and seemingly ending decades of rejection, an NFL official announced on Monday that there is a direct correlation between grown men hurling themselves headfirst at each other, colliding with the impact of between 100 and 150 G’s, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

Go figure?

With that long-overdue confession finally on the record, Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Moore took to Twitter, announcing a $10,000 donation aimed at researching the medicinal value of marijuana’s cannabinoids on CTE.

Hopefully inspiring others, he also challenged his fellow NFL players to dig deep and contribute to The Realm of Caring’s collaborative research with John Hopkins University.

Despite Monroe’s rather cautious tone when speaking about marijuana with CNN recently —

 “The NFL will need to have legitimate information before they remove marijuana from the banned substance list and ultimately not hurt their product on the field.

After the NFL’s announcement on Monday, Monroe is now encouraging other NFL players to step up and help fund this critical research. Provided the science pans out and researchers at Johns Hopkins University are successful at unmasking marijuana’s medicinal benefits in mitigating CTE, the NFL could soon find itself faced with acknowledging marijuana is medicinal. Forcing Roger Goodell and the NFL to remove cannabis from their list of banned substances.

Thanks Eugene…