At Denver Dispensary, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality cannabis and medicine available, and at the most affordable prices. Denver Dispensary’s plants are all grown locally and mindful of organics by people who care about quality.

We offer as wide a range of high-end strains of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana as anyone in the Denver area, and our professional, friendly staff is always happy to help you choose which one is right for you.  We are very knowledgeable on the medicinal qualities cannabis provides and can also guide you in the right direction if you’re just looking to use marijuana to have a good time recreationally!

Here at the Denver Dispensary, we also offer a wide selection of edibles and concentrates, from cookies and candies to salves and tinctures. Denver Dispensary has it all. No smoking? No problem! At Denver Dispensary, you can eat or drink your medicine too!

Denver Dispensary is conveniently located just northeast of highway I-25 and highway I-70.  Go north on Vasquez Blvd. from I-70 and Denver Dispensary is on the west side frontage road of Vasquez Blvd.  Denver Dispensary is on your way out of Denver International Airport (DIA), on your way into Denver to have fun, and also on your way across I-70 into the Rocky Mountains.  Make Denver Dispensary your destination location for obtaining marijuana in Colorado!

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Latest News:

Sacramento Mayor Adds Name to List of Proposition 64 Supporters

Darrell Steinberg joins the California Medical Association, Equality California and California League of Conservation as the latest to support recreational cannabis

- September 28, 2016

With November’s election fast approaching, an increasing number of public figures and groups have announced their support of different cannabis-related ballot measures.
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is the latest public figure to hop on the marijuana bandwagon.

On Friday, Steinberg joined a growing list of individuals, interest groups and professional associations to back California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act, more commonly referred to as Proposition 64.

“I have reviewed Proposition 64 and believe it is carefully crafted to protect the public safety in our communities, protects our local control and land-use authority, protects employer and worker rights, bans public consumption and invests hundreds of millions in new revenue into critical youth and job-training programs,” Steinberg said in a statement.

“Best of all, it provides maximum flexibility to both regulators and the Legislature to strengthen the system over time.”

Earlier last week, Equality California, the country’s largest statewide LGBT civil right group, also announced its support of Prop. 64.

“Proposition 64 is about social justice and ending a failed and costly war on marijuana, which has done severe, disproportionate damage to California’s communities of color,” commented Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California, in a statement from the organization.

“The revenue from Proposition 64 will be used to fund critical youth services and job training programs. It represents a new, smarter, more thoughtful approach to marijuana policy and Equality California is pleased to support it,” he said.

Given that cannabis is such a water-intensive crop, it may come as a surprise to some to find out that the California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV) also announced its endorsement of Prop. 64.

That’s because in addition to legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, Prop. 64 also includes land and water protection measures. Furthermore, 20 percent of cannabis tax revenue will be disbursed to the Environmental Restoration and Protection Account, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. That account will be used to fund environmental cleanup, remediation and restoration of public lands damaged by cultivation, as well as environmental enforcement against illegal water diversion, illegal cultivation, distribution and use of marijuana on public lands.

“Proposition 64 is a landmark measure that will allow California to conserve precious lands and start reversing the severe damage done by illegal marijuana grows,” said Sarah Rose, CEO of CLCV, in a prepared statement. “CLCV is pleased to endorse it."