Medical Marijuana Information

For centuries, marijuana has been used to safely and effectively ease the pain and symptoms caused by numerous physical and mental illnesses. The Chinese discovered the healing powers of cannabis thousands of years ago and used it to treat such maladies as constipation, gout, rheumatism, and “absent-mindedness.” They also used it as an anesthetic. As far as safety goes, there has yet to be a single person ever confirmed of dying of a “marijuana overdose.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.


What is Medical Weed?

You might think all cannabis products are the same, but when you’re seeking medical cannabis in Denver, you should know there are distinct categories: medical and recreational. Medical marijuana is in a special class because it is recommended by medical professionals as a treatment for specified diseases or medical conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, MS, glaucoma, certain chronic pain conditions, and so on. Some patients prefer this for a variety of reasons.


Despite the legalization of marijuana for medical and/or recreational use in several states, there can still be some measure of social stigma attached to using marijuana, which remains a Schedule I substance at the federal level, and has long been publicly demonized. For this reason, some people feel more comfortable using marijuana with a referral from a state-licensed physician and a Medical Marijuana Registry card, even though recreational products are readily available.


In addition, there are different rules in place for medical marijuana users. Adults age 18 and over can apply for a Medical Marijuana Registry card, whereas recreational users must be over the age of 21. Medical users may also be eligible for discounted rates on purchases, and they may designate a caregiver to grow on their behalf, in addition to growing their own plants. While recreational users can only have 1 ounce of marijuana at a time (or equivalent form of edibles or concentrates), medical users can have up to 2 ounces.


Marijuana used for medicinal purposes may feature more cannabidiol or CBD. Marijuana plants contain dozens of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally-occurring compounds that together produce a desirable entourage effect. However, some patients would rather avoid, or at least minimize, the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces psychoactive effects, or the “high” associated with marijuana.


The good news is, modern science allows for certain compounds to be isolated (such as CBD and THC), and separating out targeted cannabinoids can produce specific and desired effects. For patients seeking relief without the worry of psychoactive side effects, medical marijuana can be a godsend. A reliable medical marijuana dispensary in Denver, like the Denver Dispensary, has the trained and experienced staff on hand to help you find the best products for your particular needs and preferences.


Who Can Consume Medical Marijuana in Colorado?

Medical marijuana is available to Colorado residents over the age of 18, as well as minors with qualifying conditions, who have a valid Medical Marijuana Registry card. In order to qualify, you must have an approved medical condition and a Physician Certificate from a state-licensed physician. With your state-authorized ID card from the Medical Marijuana Registry program, you can purchase medical marijuana products from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary, or a caregiver can do so on your behalf.


It’s always best to purchase from a state-licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Denver so you know you’re getting safe, high-quality products. 

Public consumption of marijuana was illegal in the state of Colorado until recently, but the passage of HB 1230 in 2019 included provisions for use in specified public spaces, including marijuana tasting rooms, lounges, and other hospitality businesses catering to cannabis users. It remains illegal to consume cannabis in motor vehicles or drive under the influence. If you want to avoid a penalty, the safest place to consume medical marijuana in Denver is in your own home or other private spaces not accessible to the public.


Qualifying For A Medical Card

Although there is a broad range of illnesses that medical marijuana is useful in treating, there are only a few that will allow you to qualify for a “Red Card.” (This is what allows you to get a legal prescription for medical marijuana in Colorado.) This is the short list of approved illnesses:

  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Cachexia (physical wasting with loss of weight and muscle mass)
  • Severe pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures (including those associated with epilepsy)
  • Persistent muscle spasms (including those associated with multiple sclerosis)

If you have been diagnosed with one or more of these conditions, but do not yet have a prescription for medical marijuana, give us a call, and we will help you get your Red Card. Our staff is well-trained in the specifics of navigating the somewhat confusing process of jumping through the necessary legal hoops.


Buying and Growing Medical Cannabis in Colorado

Colorado allows for the purchase, possession, and cultivation of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, but the rules regarding amounts differ from one to the other. Recreational users may only possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana (flower), 8 grams of concentrate, or 800 mg of edibles at any given time, while medical users can have up to double that amount.


Recreational and Medical users are allowed to possess up to 6 plants, with a maximum of 3 in the flowering stage. In some cases, medical patients may qualify for additional plants, which must be properly registered. Patients who are concerned about cultivating their own plants can always turn to the experienced and reliable team at Denver Dispensary to provide needed medical cannabis in Denver.


Are Medical and Recreational Cannabis Products the Same?

Generally speaking, medical and recreational cannabis products could be exactly the same. However, medical users tend to have different goals and requirements than recreational users, and this impacts the types of products they purchase.


For example, the goal of many recreational users may be to get high. This means they tend to lean toward products that feature higher THC content. Medical users, on the other hand, are typically seeking symptom relief. While some may still want the effects of THC, others prefer relief without the psychoactive side effects of THC. 


Purchasing from a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver can be somewhat different from buying recreational marijuana. Dispensaries that offer both will typically deliver the same attentive care and product education regardless of the type of marijuana you’re buying, but dispensaries that cater specifically to medical marijuana users may have additional considerations in place, such as private waiting areas for patient comfort and discretion.


Benefits of having a Medical Card

While some patients are content to simply get by with recreational marijuana, there are several benefits to going through the process of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Registry card. For starters, you’ll gain access to potent medical marijuana in Denver that is designed specifically for the needs and preferences of patients, with properties intended to ease pain and other symptoms, while minimizing or eliminating psychoactive effects.


You may also enjoy discounted pricing, including discounted taxes, when you purchase medical marijuana, and you can purchase, possess, and grow greater quantities. Although there is some cost attached to obtaining a Medical Marijuana Registry card, those who purchase regularly from Denver Dispensary will enjoy considerable long-term savings and a host of other benefits.


At Denver Dispensary, we take our role as providers of medical marijuana seriously. We treat our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. When you leave our dispensary, we want you to feel like you have had the best possible experience.


You will not find a wider range of cannabis strains anywhere. Of course, we stock all the popular ones (Sour Diesel, Mango Kush Northern Lights (aka “Aurora B”), Purple Kush, et al.), but we also carry more obscure strains, such as Jurassic Haze, because it such an excellent pain reliever, and other specialized strains that are useful in treating particular conditions. We view our primary purpose at Denver Dispensary as helping our clients ease their pain and treat their conditions. We know which strains work best for which conditions, which ones you can use in the daytime (e.g., Cinderella 99), and which you’d be better off saving for bedtime (e.g., Grape God). If you have a particular strain in mind, we probably have it. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, we can help you find it. At Denver Dispensary, medical marijuana is not just our job; it is our passion.


Come see us today. Let our cannabis experts help you pick out the perfect strain of medical marijuana for you!