Denver Dispensary June Deals

Celebrate These Deals All Month Long

Monthly Specials

$59.99 Recreational Ounce
8 for $90 Recreational Concentrates
8 for $25 Recreational Joints
$40 Recreational Shake Ounce
8 for $100 100mg Recreational Edibles

Flower Specials

Special pricing on top-shelf flower from Denver Dispensary for the whole month.

1 Gram, $7.94 pre-tax/$10 after tax
1/8th, $19.86 pre-tax/$25 after tax
1/4, $35.74 pre-tax/$45 after tax
1/2, $67.51 pre-tax/$85 after tax
1 Ounce, $103.25 pre-tax/$130 after tax

Sign Up for Our Deals on recreational marijuana flower, concentrates, edibles and more below! Or join by texting “thc” to (844) 302-3240.

Denver Dispensary

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