Concentrate Information

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Most people are familiar with the traditional means of consuming marijuana – smoking the flower – but this method isn’t appealing to every individual. Much like edibles, marijuana-based concentrates provide a means of ingesting your medical marijuana without the necessity of smoking it. Concentrates are highly condensed marijuana medicine that can be baked into edibles (see “Edibles”), vaporized, or infused into liquids, such as tea, tinctures, and juices.  Even people who have tried accessible, convenient options like edibles might want to find a way to consume their cannabis in a more potent and cost-effective form.


If that sounds like you, it’s probably time to find a reputable dispensary for concentrates in Denver Denver Dispensary has a wide selection of medical and recreational cannabis products for people of all tastes to choose from.


What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are created by separating the resin from the flower so that its desirable components — like cannabinoids and terpenes — can be isolated. When the maximum amount has been extracted from the plant, what remains is a concentrated version of these compounds. Options like kief, hash, shatter, budder, wax, live resin, and more allow you to enjoy the same results as smoking the flower or ingesting edibles, but with a lot less product.


How to Consume Marijuana Concentrates

There are many benefits to choosing concentrates, but one of the main reasons that seasoned consumers turn to this option is its versatility. Concentrates can be consumed in a variety of ways.


If, for example, you enjoy smoking flower, but you want a more cost-effective way to amplify results, you can simply sprinkle some kief on your bowl or roll it to enhance the effects. People who want a more convenient method of inhalation often turn to vaping products that contain oils.


Dabbing is another means of consuming concentrates like hash, shatter, budder, wax, and more. With a dabbing rig, you can vaporize a very small amount of product for inhalation, enjoying outstanding results in a cost-effective way.


Many different forms of concentrate can also be added to edibles. If you like to control your dosing, you’ll find that products like kief, hash, oil, and more are easy to add to all kinds of food, particularly beverages and baked goods.


But what type of concentrate is best for your needs? Here’s a little breakdown:

  • Kief Resin – Can be vaporized or added to edibles. (You can also smoke it!)
  • Pressed Kief – Perfect for making wafers. Yummy!
  • Pressed Hash – Very versatile, due to its stickiness. Excellent for making cookies. (You can mold it into almost any shape. A favorite during the holiday season!)
  • Sand Hash – A fine, powdery hash blend, it can be sprinkled on about anything you can think of.
  • Hash Oil – Highly versatile, an essential in almost any cannabis-based drink.
  • Bubble Hash – Made using the same basic process as Sand Hash, but it is heat-pressed, so the end result looks like . . . bubbles!
  • Full Melt – This is about the purest, most highly concentrated medicine available. It is so concentrated, it has the appearance of wax. It does not burn; it melts. It’s essentially marijuana butter. (Great for cooking!)
  • Super Melt – Same as above, but even more concentrated. Begins to melt at just above room temperature.


How Are Concentrates Extracted from the Flower?

There are two main ways to extract resin from the flower of the cannabis plant:  Solvent-based methods and solventless extraction.


How do they work?


Solvent-based extraction involves the use of liquid, chemical solvents to separate chemical compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) from the physical plant. The resulting solution is then refined, removing solvents completely to create a concentrate that includes only the desired elements.


Solventless extraction is a physical process, but there are several ways to do it. Kief, for example, is composed from trichomes that fall as powder to the bottom of a grinder. Other products can be created through sifting, washing, utilizing heat and pressure, or other methods that are designed to extract resin or oil.


Why Are There So Many Types of Concentrates?

The wide variety of concentrates available can seem a bit daunting to people who are just starting to explore cannabis products. Why are there so many marijuana concentrates? Like any product, it’s a matter of supply and demand. People often want to find specific characteristics and qualities of cannabis, as well as particular outcomes, and different concentrates fulfill a diverse range of consumer needs and preferences.


Concentrates can differ in all kinds of ways, from the type of cannabis plant used to make them to the processing techniques employed to the resulting product textures (power, dry bars, sticky waxes, viscous oils, etc.). Of course, there are also differences in the ways that each product can be consumed, as well as the effects that they produce.


Every person is going to have their own tastes and tendencies when it comes to consuming cannabis, and a vast selection of concentrates means that each person has the opportunity to find the perfect products for their particular needs and preferences.


Advantages of Consuming Concentrates

What makes concentrates different from other types of cannabis, like flowers or edibles? What benefits will you enjoy when you choose concentrates?


Because key chemical compounds are extracted and condensed during processing, concentrates are much more potent than the original source material. This means that they’re more efficient and cost-effective, and depending on the form of consumption, they may deliver faster relief.


With concentrates, a little goes a long way, so most people need far less product on hand at any given time. Concentrates are therefore more discreet and easier to store in most cases. Don’t forget:  Concentrates not only feature condensed cannabinoids, but terpenes, as well, so you’ll enjoy more intensity of the natural flavors you love.


What to Expect from Cannabis Concentrates

When considering your options for concentrates, you may naturally want to know how long it will take to feel the effects of the product, as well as how long the effects will last. Although marijuana concentrates tend to be more potent than other forms of cannabis, the onset and duration of effects will depend on several factors, including the product you choose, the method of consumption, and of course, how much you consume.


Generally speaking, you’ll enjoy faster onset of effects when you inhale, as opposed to consuming concentrates via edibles, for example. If you sprinkle kief or hash in a joint and smoke it, use a vaping product, or dab, you can expect to start feeling the effects within a few minutes. You can typically expect effects to last about 1 to 3 hours when you inhale concentrates, although again, it may vary by product and quantity consumed.


As for edibles, the onset of effects will be slowed by the digestive process. Depending on how fast or slow your body digests, you will likely start to feel effects within 30 to 60 minutes. It’s important that you allow enough time for uptake within the body before taking another dose, especially because the effects of this method of consumption tend to be longer-lasting. Effects will usually peak at about three hours after consumption and could last for several hours, depending on product, dose, and so on.


Benefits of Pre-Ordering Concentrates in Denver

Shopping in-store can be overwhelming, which is why Denver Dispensary is pleased to offer easy online ordering. There’s no denying the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home, where you have plenty of time to peruse our vast selection of products, explore different brands and options, read product reviews, and educate yourself to make informed decisions before purchasing.


With competitive pricing and an expert team on hand to answer your questions, you’re sure to love shopping remotely, ordering online or via phone, and picking up your order at your convenience.


The Incredible Selection at Denver Dispensary

When you’re looking for concentrates in Denver, you need a cannabis dispensary that will deliver safe, high-quality products. You also want a great selection. Denver Dispensary always strives to meet and exceed your expectations.


Although our online and in-store menus change frequently, we’re pleased to offer a range of concentrates in different strains, types, and brands. Budder, shatter, wax, live resin, kief, distillate oils, and more can be found on our menu, and we proudly partner with renowned brands like Clear Creek Extracts, CRAFT, Dabble Extracts, Seed & Smith, Sesh, and more.


Quality is a top priority, which is why we carefully vet our partners to make sure every product is manufactured with care and tested to ensure safety, potency, and consistency. When you choose Denver Dispensary, you’ll not only enjoy exceptional products and support, but you’ll also get peace of mind.


Denver Dispensary’s concentrate selection is always rotating, but you can be sure that whatever is available is the highest-quality with a wide range of medical and recreational marijuana products in the Denver area. Take a look at our menu here or come see us today and let our highly trained and kind experts help you find what works best for you.