Edible Marijuana Information

We understand that not everyone likes to smoke. Some people just can’t do it, or just plain don’t want to. If you are a lifetime non-smoker, don’t start smoking now! Non-smokers can also get the positive health benefits of medical marijuana, without ever lighting a match. At Denver Dispensary, we can provide you with alternative methods of taking your medicine.

We have a wide variety of “edibles” at Denver Dispensary. What’s an “edible”? Basically, food or drink, infused with medical marijuana. We take our edibles as seriously as all of our products, and we stock a full line of tasty cannabis-infused treats. (Could we even stay in business if we didn’t stock Cheeba Chews? We don’t even want to find out!)

From drinks to chocolates, to gummies, we have it all at Denver Dispensary. Come visit us for a large selection and great prices for recreational cannabis edibles in Denver, Colorado.