A Summer’s Guide to Enjoying Cannabis

There is nothing quite like the change of season from spring to summer, and the wealth of new opportunities that come with it. When the weather starts to break around May or June for the new season, many of our Denver Dispensary customers are looking for new ways to enjoy cannabis while taking advantage of the outdoors. Restaurants, events, and stores are opening back up—consider these five tips and plans for enjoying the summer with marijuana.


Dining with friends is always a treat, but the experience is even better under a blue sky. Plan a destination picnic with some of your closest confidants and bring some cannabis along for the ride. Check your area for parks or forests and plan your day from there. Flowers are always a great option for enjoying marijuana in the outdoors, but you can also incorporate cannabis into your food options. Consider bringing along some of our Keef Classic drinks in your cooler, or munching on some delicious Caramel Apple Mountain High Suckers for dessert.


If you are the type of person more interested in a physically active outdoor event, try planning a day of kayaking or hiking. Our Incredibles Boulder Bar makes a great companion for the trail and is sure to keep you feeling mellow as you make your way down the river or mountain. If you are more on the easygoing side, consider simply grabbing a tube and going for a float in your closest lake. Cannabis is a great way to enhance your journey through nature.


Another great part of summer is that outdoor sporting events are never far away. Of course everyone knows about professional baseball and soccer, but the options extend far beyond that. Outdoor games and fairs are out there showcasing everything from competitive dog jumping, to bouldering competitions, to ax throwing. Feel free to seek out some alternatives to the classic MLB All-Star game, and bring cannabis along for the ride as you expand your horizons. The novelty of going to a new event will be even more enjoyable after months of quarantine.


There is no better way to return to some of your summer childhood favorites than by letting your guard down with cannabis. Getting ready for the Fourth of July? Grab a few of our Mountain High Suckers and have yourself a day with friends. Whether you’re poolside, having a cookout, or watching the fireworks, recreational marijuana is a great way to live in the moment.


Outdoor gaming is a whole new world during the summertime. Head over to your favorite open space with friends and pick up a quick game of bocce, frisbee golf, ladder golf or cornhole and relax the day away. We offer plenty of delicious summer strains like strawberry sequoia and lemon sour diesel that will put you in the competitive summer mood. Just be sure to bring some snacks!



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