The Benefits of Edibles & Smokeless Cannabis

One of the benefits of the expansion and growth of the legal cannabis market in the past ten years is the increased availability of smokeless products. Dispensaries and edible cannabis producers now understand that there is a large segment of customers who are not interested in smoking, or even vaping, marijuana. There are plenty of reasons why some of us prefer smoke-free options to traditional cannabis flowers, ranging from personal preference to medical issues. Speaking with our customers at Denver Dispensary, here are the top five reasons to choose a smoke-free product.


With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to see why respiratory health might be on everyone’s minds just a little bit more. As more options have come onto the expanding national cannabis market, many consumers have become increasingly health conscious about what they are putting into their bodies. The simple fact is that ingesting burning smoke from plant material does present some health risks when weighed against the alternative—not smoking at all. Edible cannabis and other smokeless products do not irritate the lungs in any way. If you have a preexisting respiratory condition such as asthma, or simply want to look out for your lungs, consider edible or topical products.


Even as cannabis flowers have become more standardized in the growing and manufacturing process, there is still the question of dosage when it comes to smoking marijuana. Most strains available today will come with a percentage breakdown of available THC, but smoking can still make it difficult to control your dosages. Edible marijuana products, especially those in capsule or tincture form, make it much simpler to measure accurate dosages. If a main goal is to ensure consistent dosage, smokeless cannabis is an obvious choice.


In addition to offering more control over your dosages of THC and CBD, smokeless cannabis products also make it easier to start small. Many capsules, for example, are available starting at the 1-milligram level for THC. This makes ingesting cannabis in very small amounts easy to do, something that is essentially impossible when smoking.


This may be the most important plus of edible and topical cannabis. Smoking or vaping marijuana requires a utensil of some sort as well as an appropriate location. Smokeless options eliminate both of these concerns immediately. Simply grab a few gummies, enjoy a cannabis beverage, or apply a topical lotion at your convenience. There is no worry of disturbing anyone around you, and the ease of use is perfect.


Adding on to the convenience factor is the ease of storage for smokeless products. Unlike traditional flowers, there is never a concern about smell or debris when storing cannabis foods or ointments, etc. The majority of packaging today is also designed to keep pets and children safe from accidental ingestion, but always keep these products out of reach to be safe. Easy storage also makes traveling with cannabis less of a hassle.



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