How To Cover Up The Smell of Weed This Thanksgiving

The holidays are a wonderful time when we all get to come together with our loved ones. They can also be a bit of a hassle. Coming together also means coming to terms, especially for cannabis users, and their perhaps more conservative friends and family. As far as the world has come progressing towards legalizing and normalizing cannabis use, there are still times when discretion makes the most sense. If you are indulging this Thanksgiving, but want to keep things under wraps, here are a few tips and tricks to get you through turkey day. 

Skip The Smoke 

The easiest way to cover up the smell of marijuana is to avoid it altogether. This approach leaves us with two great options for the holidays: vaping and edibles. The marjijuana market is flush with vapable products that are easy to use, and give no critical aunts or uncles a hint of what is really going on. Vape pens are one of the easiest ways to avoid those awkward conversations after you step inside to dig into a holiday feast. Edibles offer the exact same benefit—no smell to worry about. Simply eat your cannabis cookie, drink your tincture, and no one is the wiser. 

Mother Nature 

A good rule of thumb when it comes to avoiding the odor of cannabis is to take advantage of the outdoors. If smoking is your go-to, then enjoy your pot on a walk in a secluded and safe area. The open air will prevent any odors from lingering, and give you a chance to escape from your possibly nightmarish relatives. 

Science To The Rescue

Those are the obvious solutions, now we have to turn to the power of science. When you absolutely have to smoke inside, and would prefer some privacy, deodorizers can be your best friend. Brand names like Ozium have been helping cannabis smokers stay clandestine for years. Simply give the room a spray when you leave, and you are in the clear. You may also prefer to construct a sploof: a simple combination of dryer sheet, rubber band and toilet paper roll. Exhale through this tube to cut out the smell of cannabis, but also remember our next tip. 

Keep It Small 

Whatever method you may be using to hide the smell of cannabis, remember that smaller problems are easier to solve. Smoking through a one-hitter is going to produce much less odor than a large rip from a bong. Any cannabis products that include tobacco or joint papers are going to increase the possibility of unwanted odors. Start small, one or two hits at a time. 

The Denver Dispensary wishes you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Happy smoking!



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